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From the moment you enter Gas Engineering Contracts, our project team – armed with state-of-the-art software – can control the progress. We measure all the KPIs critical to maintaining your confidence in the program, no matter how complicated. Our experience and expertise will seamlessly integrate the three primary sub-projects that contribute to its overall success. Let our company keep things water-tight by focusing on all the moving parts. We guarantee to keep them well-oiled and running smoothly.

Selecting us to start the ball rolling creates the capability to dictate the pace and see contracts to completion without missing a beat. This is how we do it.

Gas Project Control – Getting you off to a Running Start by:

Giving you access to a professional project control office.

Establishing procedures that include calculating cost per foot of pipe.

Standardizing cost-management for every division and project type.

Setting the stage for monitoring costs and invoices as they occur in the field.

Communicating comprehensive budgets to your engineering department.

Auditing work in progress in a tight schedule of touchpoints.

Presenting periodic reports of actuals vs. budget until the contract reaches completion.

Gas Document Management – Validation, Verification & Compliance

Developing industry-best As-Built Documentation for divisions & local offices.

Validating As-Built drawing and paperwork submitted by the contractor.

Delivering As-Built Document maps and other alignments for mapping inspection.

Coordinating Contractor and Utility Staff from In-Service to Project-close.

Getting the GIS team validated with regulated and complete As-Built documents.

Gas Service Order Coordination – Maximizing Gas Sales after Laying the Pipes

Managing, coordinating, and optimizing service installs with any number of contractors, builders, and developers.

Addressing field delays with seamless rescheduling to keep the sales teams and engineering in sync.

Establishing expected performance parameters and monitoring this with precise, timely reporting.

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It all begins with this – before the Gas Engineering activities are in motion. Our Unique insights into Gas Project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will kick things off so that you are always ahead of the curve.

Giving Pinnacle Customers a Unique Look at One-stop IT Expertise and Dedication.

Better solutions with our enterprise-grade technology services and products.