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Real estate is on a tear in many counties in numerous states, giving a new meaning to suburban sprawl and commercial infrastructure to support it. As a utility company, your sales teams are there to get a good chunk of the business from developers’ interest in gas as a power source. However, it’s an intensely competitive market where gas is an addition to electricity.

Getting your fair share means selling gas utility benefits more aggressively. Every project begins with the expectation it’s going to be profitable. The reality is that it doesn’t always work out that way. Perhaps it’s not a total loss, but less than what you set your hopes on. As a leading IT entity in the space, here’s what we see as challenging gas project management issues.

Past projects’ evidence points to revenue and cost actuals emerging significantly lower than expectations too many times. The problem is that you’re learning about it too late in the day.

You realize that manual monitoring systems, overwhelmed with data input, fail to highlight the KPIs you need to keep your finger on the Gas Project pulse.

It’s evident that:

Optimism (versus objectivity) often drives your sales department’s revenue projections.

Engineering cost estimations are off track either because the revenue assumptions were wrong in the first place or simply miscalculated.

Multiple projects progressing along the same timeline have diverted management attention from detecting and addressing the same mistakes.

KPIs that connect to your IRRs using sometimes complicated NPV calculations are essential to making Gas Project Management decisions in the future.

That not all sales representatives are equal when it comes to projecting revenues. You want to pinpoint those you can trust.

Bonus payments paid on expectations, not reality, may be eating into your bottom line.

Failure to fully leverage all the prospects on your mains is impacting your profitability.

We have the Expertise and Automated IT Solutions to Meet All your Gas Project Management Pain Points. 

Our clients know why we make ultimate sense to partner with them in this crucial arena. The Pinnacle IT team has identified and articulated the endemic problems obstructing your control in building gas revenues profitably. We’re not theorists, having tested our software in the field since 2008. We guarantee it will work for any number of projects -. you couldn’t be in better hands. Our application’s fundamental features are that:

It seamlessly gives you expected control over construction projects’ work and finances, from start to completion.

It provides relevant and fast input of prospective areas earmarked for both residential and commercial developer activity.

It creates superior budgeting capability across divisions and forecasting for future years.

It generates pinpoint IRR and NPV calculations related to the revenue and cost projections of gas-main implementations as services come on stream.

It tracks actual engineering costs versus proposed costs at all levels for a comprehensive overview.

It tracks expected customer move-in and appliance used versus presented by the developer/builder.

It assesses if you’re levering all the prospects on your mains by providing prospecting and tracking On-Main selling.

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There are three sub-projects integral to overall success once you’ve decided to put the pipes in. Let one company integrate them all to keep things water-tight and limit the number of moving parts in the process. Pinnacle fits the bill.

Giving Pinnacle Customers a Unique Look at One-stop IT Expertise and Dedication.

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