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Upgrading, Converting, Integrating & Optimizing CIS Platforms


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The Pinnacle team understands that CIS expertise combines customer service fundamentals with business and communication dynamics for the utility Industry. We specialize in comprehensive CIS solutions purpose-built for utilities and its integration with other systems like GIS, Work Management, Powerplant, Peoplesoft, etc. Everything we do focuses on delivering the ultimate in:

Customer Solution



Best Practices


We are your one-way ticket to deliver unsurpassed, customizable customer experiences. Pinnacle represents the precise updates and upgrades you want to roll out CIS transitions minus the major re-implementation projects that carry inhibitive expenses. Our work covers all the business and technical aspects connected to CIS implementation, testing, upgrades, and maintenance.

Maintenance – A Cutting-Edge CIS Service

Our team is fully versed in working with platforms like:





More specifically the following:

Support and Enhancements

CIS Upgrades and Conversions

CIS/GIS Integration

AMR/AMI Roll outs

CIS Testing – A Cut Above the Rest.

Our ongoing testing protocols take the stress out of CIS changes, ensuring your expected seamless continuity. New implementations are our bread-and-butter. A glimpse of our extensive capabilities shows full collaboration with our clients to deliver:

  • Conservative but thorough test strategies focusing on scenarios & data.
  • Writing efficient test cases that conform to a standard format for fast execution.
  • A committed team to complete testing tasks that maintain bug-free environments.
  • Multilingual IVR Testing for IBM Watson.
  • Integration with Peoplesoft and Powerplant Testing.
  • CIS/GIS integration testing.
  • A Structured Repository of:
    • Test cases.
    • Process flows & business rule documentation.
  • A Data mining tool – consistently used in all test scripts.,
  • Uniform test case formatting to promote the collaboration of test strategists.
  • Effective Reporting and Defect management that covers:
    • Test progress.
    • Facilitation and oversight of UAT and Regression defects.
    • Assessment of each project and release.
  • On-time delivery – predictable and accurate release dates.
  • Mobile App testing in iOS and Android platform.

We Believe in CEO Offshore Testing Because It:

Represents high quality, cost-effective, efficient, and fast testing.

Achieves 18-hour workday coverage.

Allows other roles to focus on new development.

Creates trust in the test team, ensuring a functioning, error-free current system.

Our Offshore Team Successes Demonstrate:

  • Improved quality and pace of testing.
  • Testing script QA processes with validated script completeness.
  • Test script writing resulting in regression test scripts documented & executed.
  • Resource Scalability & Cost:
    • Correctly skilled for the task.
    • 25% of the cost of previous testers.
    • Maintaining four trained ‘floater’ resources only paid when actively assigned to test tasks.

We Do It So Well Because:

  • Our offshore testers work on VM boxes that can:
    • Complete 90% of the testing tasks typically completed onshore.
    • Overcome any technical infrastructure complexity.
  • We address the lack of core system and business knowledge at start-up with:
    • A three to four-week intensive onshore functional training and observation.
    • A team demonstrating capability and effective communications skills.
  • We don’t allow different time zones to disrupt our seamless processes.
  • We stabilize our team by investing heavily in them, hiring only through referrals and personal connections. The net result is extremely low turnover.

Giving Pinnacle Customers a Unique Look at One-stop IT Expertise and Dedication.

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