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          Every time a new IT solution is conceived, it requires assistance to integrate it into the business process. That is the role that Pinnacle specializes in. Whenever companies need total IT support; be it for creating new applications, consolidating multiple-vendor products or augmenting their own staff, they can look upon Pinnacle Consulting to get it done. As a young and agile enterprise and a budding venture, Pinnacle inherits a wealth of experience and a substantial knowledge base from its founding members. The company differentiates itself in its capabilities in handling Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications for Global Utilities and other customer-centric industries by displaying transparency in deals, sharing industry-wide best practices and swift communications for decision making.

          Each project team at Pinnacle synergizes with the client’s work practices to yield the best collaborative achievements in IT. With a strong management commitment and thorough adaptability to the many flavors


of work environments without any burdening overhead of intra-organizational formalities, has helped us to maintain a lean development environment, which in turns pays off as higher profitability to our clients and increased satisfaction for the employees.

          Each project is planned meticulously to eliminate any hidden charges and concealed risks and to promote trust and transparency. Depending on the nature of work and your needs, we can offer competitive quotes demonstrating our responsibility and accountability to meet the objectives of the project.

          Pinnacle Consulting has offices in Columbia, SC, USA and Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. The company presently supports its operations through its highly talented and motivated software professionals spanning diverse academic backgrounds, experience and skill levels in its offshore development center and US establishment. The tremendous capability of our team is evident in the projects executed for our clients throughout the world.

          The offshore offices are located at two sites within the city of Bhubaneswar. The first office is in the heart of the city, close to the airport, which handles the financial and marketing functions. The other center is located in Fortune Towers(ChandraSekhar Pur), the most favoured destination of major business ventures at Bhubaneswar such as Posco, Tata Steel, Aircell, Dhamra Port Corporation, Reliance, and Tata, etc. Bhubaneswar was strategically selected as the centre for offshore activities of Pinnacle as it is a growing city, targeted as the future IT hub of India with low cost, highly educated and talented knowledge workers. The greenery, pollution-free environment, reasonable cost of living and well-developed city conditions are further added attractions.

          We are also organized in such a way that the space, manpower and other resources can be scaled-up at short notice for larger projects. The scaling issues are managed through our links with STPI, local educational institutions, leasing agents, placement agencies and other service providers.

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