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Datawarehousing Services

Fundamentally, we can supply the tools, technologies and methodologies that are needed for creating a data warehouse. Data Warehousing aids organizations in gaining a lucid picture of their processes and operations in their entirety. A subcomponent of Business Intelligence (BI), integrating a data warehouse into an organization’s infrastructure facilitates flexible access to data collected from diverse systems, helping businesses to stay better informed at all times. A development process that would include the extraction of data from multiple systems, data warehousing involves the integration of databases across the organization, thereby enabling a more comprehensive and flexible access to information at any given time.

Pinnacle's Data Warehousing services include:

  • Comprehensive requirement analysis
  • Design, construction and implementation of a complete BI/Data Warehousing software/solution
  • Customized configuration of specific components
  • BI/DW Architecture Design
  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) & DTS (Data Transformation Services) strategy design, architecture and development
  • Data Merging, Migration configuration and implementation
  • Complete database management and performance tuning

Technologies Pinnacle utilizes:

  • Oracle™
  • Microsoft™ SQL Server
  • Cognos
  • Informatica

Pinnacle Datawarehousing Services:

  • Consulting
  • Customization
  • Configuration
  • Support

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